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Best Summertime Sneakers Collection

Best Summertime Sneakers Collection

As much as you love your favorite boat shoes, dress boots or driving moccasins, you will just love to wear a pair of trendy yet comfortable cool sneakers, especially during the summer. A pair of crisp and clean sneakers with a sharp-tailored short would be the best choice for the beach season.

The summer is knocking at the door and things have started heating up on blocks. You can count on your sneakers too!  They are functional and at the same time, provide fun-filled experience to the wearers. Not only summer, you can wear them throughout the year.

Best Summertime Sneakers Collection

Here is a great collection of some cool, comfortable and trendy Summertime Sneakers for the fashion-buffs. Choose any from the collection and get set for oncoming summer.

1.    Puma Clyde

Best Summertime Sneakers Collection

These athlete shoes have been around since 1973.  And as you know, old is gold – it’s time to bring them back again. The shoes cost somewhere around $65.

2.    Lacoste Aleron St

Best Summertime Sneakers Collection

These shoes are a bit costlier than the previous one, but the shape of the shoes is definitely more attractive. This can be compared with the basic sneaker. The wild combination of canvas and suede has made it hit.

3.    Reebok Classic Supercourt

Best Summertime Sneakers Collection

If you love your country and want to break out to the harmony of ‘Born in the USA’, you will love these shoes that boast a patriotic combination of white, red and blue.  The shoes cost around 55 dollar.

4.    Recon Global Hi

The shoes cost about $80. These are old school, but still they are in vogue.

5.    Cole Haan Air Jasper Wingtip

This wingtip and suede details add to your after-dark appeal. The shoes are incorporated with Nike air technology that would keep you light on toes. And if she wants you to rock the dance floor – you can do it comfortably.

6.    Lacoste Rene Asymmetric

These are a bit costlier in comparison to other shoes from the genre of sneakers. These are versatile sneakers. From your desk to the bar – the shoes go well in different occasions and can be used for different purposes.  The main attraction of these shoes is its asymmetric laces that you can surely expect your lady to notice.

7.    Kenneth Cole Iron Bound

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These relaxing pair would cost you around 80 dollars. While the quality of the shoes is considered, they are reasonably priced. The sporty stripes along with top stitching in contrast give the shoes an alluring look. The shoes go just splendid while accompanied with dark jeans.

8.    Clae McQueen

This is another chic sneaker option for this summer. These modestly priced shoes should be your choice if you want the summer to invoke images along the lines of adventure. Great shoes at the best price – you must have it in your shoe closet.

9.    Vans Chambray Lo Pro Era

The shoes go simply perfect with madras shorts. Make your summer as light as it was never before with these less expensive pair.

10.    Aldo Pisula

The price of these shoes is nearly $65. The pattern stitching along with checks and colored laces makes the shoes standalone.

These are just 10 of a myriad of sneakers that you may choose for even the hottest summer days.

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