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AMZFDY Reviews: Amazon Done With You – Amazon automation

AMZFDY Reviews: Amazon Done With You – Amazon automation

Amzdfy sounds like a bunch of Captcha letters, you need to enter to verify that you are not robot. But this is not! This madness has some ways. Amzfdy is the latest course by Kevin David on Amazon FBA. If you are already in the industry long enough, you will know how to make a lucrative  Amazon FBA or claim.

According to Kevin, Amzdfy is a business for your Amazon FBA. All you need is $400,000 investment. Is it very hopeful? Before running this course, I am familiar with other Amazon FBA Ninja courses in Kevin David, which is between $997 to $1997. Is there any benefit of this course? Today, we will explore the Amzdfy course of Kevin David and discuss if this may be your next big thing.

Getting Started

Unlike most programs, you will not use Amzdfy to get the usual sales page. Your first step is to complete 15 minutes of consultation, you will be told that you need $ 400,000 in investment. Amzfdy also has several members, such as Diamond, Platinum, and Standard, you must subscribe to the moment you register. From standard, platinum, diamond, each level will be higher. If you want to know what it is, they will decrease from 30% from all the sales of your future.

What is AMZFDY?

Once you have entered the deep understanding of Amzfdy, you will realize that Kevin David and his business partners do not use Amazon warehouses to meet most people’s orders. Instead, they are storing and satisfying their materials in their warehouse, depending on them, this is more cost effective. As for the product, AMZFDY cooperate with significant brands, you need only everyone’s authorization letter, allowing you to sell products in the Amazon account.

You may still want to know all these characters. According to Amazon’s strategy, one user only allows two accounts. Therefore, AMZFDY is presented, where you will build an account, then you will provide you with 30% of all sales. As you can see, they figure out a vulnerability, each rule bypass these two accounts.

Although this sounds great, when you choose the product you want, you will not have more flexibility, and they will even let you buy inventory. Through this method, Kevin and its partners remain risk-less and put the entire risk on the shoulders. In order to be eligible for this plan, Amzfdy will ensure that you have enough funds in the bank to fund your stock purchase.


Amzfdy has many successful stories that you can find on the private Facebook group of online or Kevin David. However, if you think this fact, this is this fact since two years ago, this is a smell, and Amzfdy is a new product (February 2020). According to my further study, I have found some people pointed out that Kevin and his team pay the positive comment. According to a user, the user who leaving a positive comment will get his course free of charge.

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