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Mitchell Royel’s Magical Commitment to Love: Behind the Scenes of His Latest Photoshoot

Mitchell Royel’s Magical Commitment to Love: Behind the Scenes of His Latest Photoshoot

Mitchell Royel—recording artist, fashion designer, and editor in chief—has recently released a behind the scenes photo from the set of his latest photoshoot, announcing his new single Purity Ring. The song is themed around that magical moment when a man decides he’s ready to commit to the woman of his dreams. The song will be released in June and is sure to capture hearts everywhere. Additionally, ELIXIR by Royel, a digital magazine featuring themed open letters and recycled photography from influencers, will be released in May.

Let’s take a look at what’s behind this magical commitment!

The Anticipation of Purity Ring:

Royel has been teasing fans with snippets of his upcoming single for months now and finally gave everyone a dose of what’s to come with his behind the scenes photo shoot. On his website, he stated “There’s something so special about making that ultimate commitment and pledging your love forever! I’m excited to share my story with you soon!”

We can only imagine what kind of heartfelt lyrics are coming our way next month!

ELIXIR by Royel:

In addition to Purity Ring, Royel has also announced the release of ELIXIR by Royel starring Louis Sol, which features themed open letters from influencers as well as recycled photography from across many platforms. The concept for this digital magazine was inspired by Royel himself who wanted to create an open dialogue about relationships between people and their own personal stories. He believes that no two stories are alike but we can all learn something valuable through each other’s experiences.

What Is Next?:

We can only guess what kind of emotions Purity Ring will bring us next month and how it will pair perfectly with ELIXIR by Royel. We can guarantee one thing though; both are sure to make waves in people’s hearts worldwide as they remind us all just how powerful love really is!

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Mitchell Royel is doing something special here; creating stories through music, fashion design, and art that have the power to inspire us all while allowing us to reflect on our own lives. We can’t wait for June so we can hear Purity Ring and delve into ELIXIR by Royel!

Keep your eyes peeled because greatness awaits!

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